Introducing the Business Profile

A digital evolution of traditional business information sharing, perfectly tailored for sectors like HoReCa, retail stores, and professional offices. This innovative tool offers a contactless, ecological, and interactive platform for businesses to connect with their customers and guests.

The Business Profile eliminates the need for physical brochures, menus, and informational leaflets. Customers can access all the information they need about your business with a simple scan.

We also offer a wide variety of elegant accessories, such as the best seller, ilo box.

Simple to share

Business profile anatomy

It's all about Trust

Lead Management

Create customizable lead capture forms in your digital business card and collect contacts and customers fast and efficiently.
Follow up and generate opportunities by sending a personalized message to your new contacts.
Organizing and managing your leads is getting easier than ever through ilo!

Laura scanned Belize's profile

She pressed the button to fill in the lead form

She gave her contact information

Now Belize Hotel can see, organize and edit all Laura's info through myilo


Laura scanned Belize's profile


She pressed the button to fill in the lead form

She gave her contact information

Now Belize Hotel can see, organize and edit all Laura's info through myilo

How to share

Checkout some of the ways that you can share your profile

qr code

Customize and download your QR code
and apply it wherever you want!



Choose from a big variety of
physical products.



Have your profile always
with you, in your mobile’s wallet.


key features

Make your business fly through any circumstances with these useful features:


Tailor your Business Profile to perfectly match your brand identity. With a wide range of customization options, you can ensure that your profile aligns with your business’s look and feel.



Make it easy for customers to leave reviews on popular platforms, like Google, TripAdvisor, Booking. Direct links can significantly increase the likelihood of receiving valuable customer feedback.


business solutions

Enjoy exclusive features that brings your business to the next level! Share effortlessly the WiFi code of your establishment, offer real-time weather information based on your location, display your working hours, ensuring your customers know when you’re open for business and many more!

business solutions

Explore our unique

Showcase your products or services in a dynamic digital catalog, allowing customers to browse and explore with ease. Select the catalog that best suits your business needs.

The HoReCa catalog serves as a virtual showcase for hospitality businesses like hotels, restaurants, and cafes. This digital catalog elegantly displays your array of offerings. It's designed to entice and inform guests, providing them with an immersive look at what they can enjoy during their visit. It simplifies decision-making and enhances the customer experience.

Customize your catalog, add pictures and icons, provide comprehensive information for each product or any special dish characteristic. Give your catalog a unique touch by including a short bio of you chef.

For eCommerce and retail businesses, the catalog is your digital storefront. It's where your products come to life with vivid images and compelling descriptions. Customers can browse your collections, learn about product features, and make informed purchasing decisions, all within the convenience of their smartphones.

This catalog is optimized for ease of navigation and engagement, encouraging users to explore your offerings, and fostering a seamless shopping experience.

The services catalog is tailored for businesses like spas or consultancies, where the focus is on the diverse range of professional services provided. This digital brochure details your service offerings with clarity and sophistication, allowing clients to understand the value and breadth of your expertise. Embed high-quality images and video content to make your service catalog more appealing and a tool for client engagement and service promotion.

These interactive catalogs serve as a versatile tool, offering a comprehensive view of your space with the convenience of anytime, anywhere access. Not only do these catalogs reduce the need for physical brochures, contributing to a greener planet, but they also provide an immersive experience with high-quality images and interactive elements that bring your venue to life.

From theaters to conference halls, our digital catalogs help you highlight the unique selling points of your space, and ultimately, attract a broader audience.

and so much more

Unleash the possibilites of myilo platform


Gain valuable insights into your professional network’s engagement with your profile. Track elements such as the number of scans, the total of your leads, the most popular sections of your card or how many times your contact has been saved.


auto translate

Choose between 10+ the language in which you want your profile or catalog to be displayed to your visitors, so they can have a seamless experience wherever they are!


social media integration

Integrate your social business link giving your customers the ability to navigate in a quick and easy way.
social media

managing your profile

Managing your digital profile should be as easy and flexible as your business needs. That is why we’ve designed a digital profile management system that puts you in complete control. With our intuitive self-management approach, updating your information or refreshing your profile is a hassle-free experience. Our commitment to a seamless user experience is embodied in our administration interface, my.ilo. Recognizing the diverse needs of our users, my.ilo is crafted to be approachable and powerful, simplifying the management of your digital presence. You’re never more than a few clicks away from keeping your digital profile polished and current!

In a world where business moves at the speed of a swipe, our app is your ultimate mobile companion. Tailor-made for the up-to-date professional, it brings the full power of our administration interface right to the palm of your hand. Whether you’re in a cab, at a café, or between meetings, managing your digital profile has never been more convenient.