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What is a contactless menu with QR code?

Τι είναι το ανέπαφο μενού με QR code;/ What is a contactless menu with QR code?

We could definitely say that the contactless menu with QR code is the “future” of hotels, restaurants, coffee bars and many more stores.

The future should be ecological, economical and contactless. And that’s where ilo box coming. A hotel or a restaurant needs to print countless different menus each year. We understand that the contactless menu with Qr of the ilo box came to make businesses more eco friendly.

Another benefit of ilo, is the unique management interface, called my.ilo  and it allows owners to change whenever they want and from wherever they are (even from their mobile phone) the information in their menu without the need of graphic designers or developers. With that being said we understand that using ilo menu you sav money and energy from incorrect prints that are irreversible, time consuming and harm the environment.

But it does not stop there! Ilo menu offers the convenience to create “offers” or “dishes of the day”. Also customers who use the contactless QR menu of ilo has the possibility to choose the language they want to read the menu. Some of languages ​​supported by ilo are: Greek, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian.

Additionally, you can offer a well organisez preview environment for customers by adding product photos. This will make your menu more appealing to everyone. Ilo is also mobile friendly!

Finally, the intact menu with Qr does not put your customers in the difficult position of leaning on printed catalogs, a fact that makes the menu of the ilo box covid free.

You can get to know the possibilities of the ilo box through an indicative profile here as well as see all our products here.