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Launching Petilo, your pet’s digital ID

Παρουσιάζουμε το Petilo, την ψηφιακή ταυτότητα για κατοικίδια/ Launching Petilo, your pet’s digital ID

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new product… Petilo is here! In the digital age, where technology is integral to almost every aspect of our lives, our pets too can benefit from advancements that ensure their safety and well-being.

What is Petilo?

Petilo is not just a tag for pets. It’s an all-inclusive digital identity. At a glance, by simply scanning the tag, anyone can access a myriad of essential information about your furry friend. From their name, age, and a contact number to details about their vet, vaccination status, and whether they’re chipped, Petilo aims to be a one-stop solution for all vital pet data, as your pet’s digital ID.

Why Choose Petilo?

1. Immediate Access to Information: Lost pets are a heart-wrenching reality. The quicker someone can identify and contact the owner, the better the chances of a joyful reunion. With Petilo, a quick scan provides all the necessary details to facilitate the communication and the process.

2. GPS Tracking: One of the standout features of Petilo, apart from the digital profile, is its ability to track a pet’s location when the tag is scanned. This aids even more in finding lost pets.

3. Organized Pet Care: With reminders for upcoming vet appointments, grooming sessions, or medication doses, Petilo ensures that your pet’s care routine is never disrupted. Set a reminder and never lose an appointment again!

We believe that as technology progresses, digital IDs might become the norm. By integrating your pet into this digital ecosystem now, you’re ensuring they’re equipped for the future.

How Does It Work?

Petilo operates on NFC technology, which means it can be scanned using most modern smartphones. It also provides a scannable QR code so the only thing necessary is a phone camera. Once scanned, the digital profile of the pet pops up, instantly providing all the essential data. The seamless integration of GPS means the location of the scan is also recorded, which can be instrumental if a pet is missing.

Petilo is more than just a tech product. It’s a commitment to responsible pet ownership. Pets are family and like any family member, their safety, well-being, and care are paramount. Petilo is a useful tool that ensures that our furry friends remain safe, well-cared for, and most importantly, always find their way back home.

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