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ilo business card – The future of business cards

ilo business card - The future of business cards

How can an ilo business card be connected to ecology and the needs of modern age? It is no lie that we are going through an era where the tendency to protect the environment is growing. And this is very positive nowadays. At the same time, the will for personal and professional development is greater than ever. We went through a lot, we come out of a dark tunnel full of doubt and fear and we have increased needs. Needs for quality in life, in entrepreneurship, in our every day life. We ask for: contact, immediacy, a better environment, health and progress.

Thessaloniki brings the first smart business cards to Greece

Considering the above, a group of young people from Thessaloniki created an innovative product that brings us all closer with an eco-friendly concept, contactless and dynamic. Have you ever considered the ideal situation where you share your personal information or your professional profile at any time, without wasting paper, without time consuming application downloads but, at the same time, contactless, reliably and real time? This condition is a fact, it comes from the future… and it will make our present better. The new ilo business card is shared with a tap and connects us with whoever and whenever we choose. ilo is a reusable card that replaces conventional ones, puts an end to the waste of natural resources and opens new doors for our social and professional life.

Επαγγελματική κάρτα ilo The ilo business card works with one tap

By sharing information of your choice contactless on the mobile phone of the interested one, just as with contactless trades via our bank card. With the help of ilo graphic design team, it is designed as you wish, with high aesthetics, loaded with data of your choice, durable, causing no harm to the environment, keeping record of your activities and having no expiration date. What if you change your mind? No problem. The ilo business card is flexible and lies completely on you… Through your personal management panel, you change your data real time. Is it expensive? The cost is minimal, much lower than the cost of designing and printing conventional cards and, of course, this cost is paid once and for all, no matter how many times we load it with new data. How does it work? The only condition to use the ilo business card is the person with whom we will be sharing information to be owning a mobile phone or tablet dating from 2017 till now, or owning a device with NFC technology, and being connected to the internet.

Business card with QR code

For vintage… lovers, the card can also work with QR code on more conventional devices. No worries. How do you get it? With three simple steps through, it arrives at your home and is immediately ready for use. Ilo is the personal card that will fulfill its purpose in any case, will save us from effort, time, unnecessary expenses, will stimulate our ecological consciousness and will provoke us to share, while remaining safe.
The creators of the ilo business card are restless spirits. They also design applications that are completely specialized in Tourism and Hospitality, applications that will take off the customer experience and stimulate this industry. A revolution in service, in the concept of contactless transactions, fast, secure and reliable.

It’s finally time we see some daily problems being solved, one by one.