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ilo box – The new digital menu and …more

ilo box

Are you looking for a way to create your own digital menu or to gather all the information requested by your customers in one form? With ilo box you can have your own Digital menu, WiFi access, Social Media, Website etc

What is the ilo box?

The ilo box is an innovation whose ain is to facilitate businesses in their daily needs. And how is this possible?
Just by touching their mobile phone on the ilo box, so simple and without using any application, your customers can now access all the information that you need to share with them.

What is this information?

The most frequent question giving headache to owners or employees is “Could I have the WiFi?” or “can you tell me what your instagram page looks like?” etc.
Ilo box gives solution to this problem, as with a box on a restaurant table or in the reception of a hotel, the customer can access the digital menu of the restaurant, the WiFi password, your page in Instagram, Facebook etc. Just by touching the mobile phone or scanning the qr code, the customer can see the Ilo profile of the company, with all the necessary information, without the need of any application.

What does the ilo profile include?

The ilo profile includes any information the owner wishes to show to his customers eg:

  • The wifi password
  • The mobile friendly digital menu
  • Social media
  • Google maps, trip advisor, booking
  • Email, website etc.

It can also enable customers to save directly on their phone, the business contact information, without having to pass the data one by one.
In addition, the calendar feature enables you to create an event and pass it as a reminder to the client’s calendar.

ilo profile – Not just a digital menu

he fascinating thing about the ilo profile is that it can share all the above functions at once and you can manage them through the my.ilo management tool.

The benefits of the ilo box do not stop here, however, as in addition to the convenience it offers to users, the ilo box is ecological and economical. It helps businesses to stop printing any unecessary paper or stickers and get the digital menu with a huge variety of functions in comparison with the traditional menu.

In short, it is the future of businesses.
Get your own ilo box here.