The company with the name PANAGIOTIDIS EE with headquarters in Thessaloniki, 26th of October 28th Street – 2 Anagenniseos, PC 54627 Α.Φ.Μ. 800822937 Tax Office A ‘THESSALONIKI and No. GEMI 142151906000 (hereinafter for the sake of brevity company) created the Online Store – website sale with payment of the card, box and sticker ilo (hereinafter the ilo products) and services via the Internet.

These terms refer to the use of the ilo affiliate service addressed to any natural or legal person registered in the service for the purpose of promoting ilo products to end users – consumers (hereinafter Affiliate).

If an Affiliate does not agree with these terms and conditions, then he must not use the services provided and the specific program

  1. The Affiliate by registering in the ilo affiliate service receives a unique password for the affiliate account. The Affiliate is responsible for the secure storage of the password and may have only one affiliate account. The Partner undertakes to be provided with the necessary equipment, as well as an internet connection, so that it can use the ilo affiliate service.
  2. The Partner through his account can see his link as well as the progress of the orders placed through it. In case a customer enters at least once from the said link (link) but does not complete the order at that time, the mechanism has a special cookie that lasts 30 days and through it can record the future purchase of the customer-user . However, in case the user in question never entered the link given to him by the Partner, he is not registered as his client.

The fee (commission) of the Partner amounts to 10% + VAT on the net value (retail price at the time of purchase without VAT 24%) of products purchased from customers listed on its card, provided that customers have paid (paid) the price. The payment will be made at the end of each month and after the Partner delivers to the company the legal tax document. Payment will be subject to all legal bookings

  1. The Partner must act in good faith, in accordance with the information and instructions of the company. He is obliged not to modify the link provided by the service and creatively.
  2. At present no company or contractual formation is created between the parties, and the Partner remains an independent person and does not acquire any rights over the intellectual and industrial property rights of the company, such as, for example, the content of the website, the distinctive titles, trademarks. , logos, images, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, etc. and any rights related to ilo products.
  3. The Affiliate is obliged both during this and after its termination or termination in any way, to keep top secret and confidential information of the company of which he is aware, not to disclose it, to disclose to any third party (including his relatives, friendly environment, its employees and associates), exploits them for its own benefit or for the benefit of a third party, edits or copies them.
  4. The Affiliate does not have access to the personal data of the customers who visit his link.
  5. The company reserves the right to make any changes to the website, its commercial policy, the affiliate service and these terms at any time it deems necessary.
  6. In the event that the Affiliate makes any unconventional, illegal or unethical use of the affiliate service, the company is entitled immediately without notice to suspend or delete the Affiliate account and deactivate the relevant link. In this case, she is entitled to claim from the Partner compensation for any damage.

The above suspension or deletion and deactivation of the link is also possible in case the Affiliate does not use the service for more than three (3) months. This deactivation takes place immediately at the end of the quarter without notice.

  1. The parties may terminate this contract after 60 days prior written notice.
  2. These Terms and the accompanying Application for registration in the Service constitute the overall agreement regarding the provision of the Service and supersedes any other prior written or oral agreement or communication with the company or its commercial partners.
  3. The Partner may not transfer or assign its rights and obligations arising from this, without the written approval of the company. The company may assign or transfer its rights and obligations arising from this to any third party, as long as it deems necessary for the operation of the Contract and the provision of the Services.

The Company is not liable to the Partner for any positive, negative or other damage, such as loss of profits, lost profits, compensation of financial satisfaction, etc., that the Partner may suffer during the use of the service.

  1. The Partner is obliged to declare to the company in writing any change of his data (address, telephone, legal representative) as mentioned in the Application for registration in the Service
  2. In the case of any dispute, Greek law shall be the applicable court and the courts of Thessaloniki shall have jurisdiction.

For any clarification related to the affiliate service, the Affiliate can contact the phone: 6988373447 or the e-mail address [email protected]

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