It’s a new feature of ilo where business owners can offer to their customers,
the dine in service through the ilo box. In other words,
apart from viewing your business profile,
visitors can see your menu and place an order through the orderilo fast and easy.

Your digital waiter

What are the features?

  • Unlimited products
  • Product photos
  • Enabling – Disabling products from the menu
  • Automatic translation
  • Option for manually translation up to two languages
  • Waiter call
  • Printing order receipt in thermal printing
  • Multiple payment methods (Cash on waiter/Card on waiter/Online via Stripe)

See the ordering system as an example here

What are the steps?

  1. Choose the box you like
  2. Add your quantity equal to the number of tables, rooms you want to serve
  3. Add the orderilo service by choosing the duration of subscription (6 months or 1 year)
  4. Complete your order through our eshop
  5. After the successful payment of the order, you will receive two emails
  6. We will prepare your orderilo system and you will receive instructions
  7. In case you chose thermal printing, we will arrange a meeting to install a software remotely to your computer


Choose the table and submit the order

Select payment method

Do you like the orderilo system?
Fill the form below and we will contact you.

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Yes. The orderilo is a fee-based service and the price depends on the duration

No. The orderilo is only available with ilo box

No. During the form submission you will choose if your business is a restaurant, hotel, beach bar etc

During the purchase of the ilo box, you will choose the count option that will have the table number on the ilo box.

No. The orderilo is an independent service and it cannot work with other ordering systems or replace them. The purpose is to receive orders from your customers fast and easy, without waiting for the waiter to see them.

No. You can order boxes equal to the number of the tables you want to serve.


No. You can have a tab on your browser where you can see the orders and receive notifications about new orders. Also, you can give access to your staff in case they want to see the waiter call notifications.


It depends on the duration of your subscription you chose. It can be 6 months or 1 year.

Yes. The orderilo is a separate function of the ilo box. You profile will remain active as the terms of use mention.

You can purchase the orderilo subscription through our website. There are two options for placing table number. Even by placing the table number on the table or by sending your ilo boxes back to us to print the number on each ilo box.

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