Observing the needs of the market, we design products so that companies can share eco-friendly, economically and contactless information – links with their customers.

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We offer businesses / professionals products that contain NFC and QR Code technology.

With a touch or scan via the mobile, a complete and organized business profile is displayed on the screen of the interested one / customer.

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Customers that trust us

Your profile

We made sure that the profile is easily manageable and includes all the necessary information / links that you wish to share.
You can create your own links in order to configure and use the ilo profile as it suits you best.

See a sample of a personal profile here
*The data are indicative

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my ilo management

my.ilo administration interface

You can easily manage and change the data / links, whenever you wish through the user-friendly management environment of my.ilo in any devices.

Check out our YouTube channel for videos on managing your profile by clicking here

It is ecological! Avoid unnecessary printed matters (cards, forms, etc.) and make a positive impact to the environment.

It’s economical! Save time and money on useless forms to share your information. Get ilo once, use it forever.

Mobile friendly and compatible with

ios android

You do not need to download an app to use ilo either as an ilo holder or as a recipient.

There is no subscription!
Buy ilo once and take advantage of its features forever.

Share your data safely and contactless, thanks to the NFC technology found in ilo products.

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Discover the wide range of business cards offered by ilo. Choose the one that better suits your style or business.

Aim for the limited edition now!

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For restaurants / hotels / airbnbs / offices

ilo sticker

Did you forget your card? With ilo sticker you can share your data anytime, anywhere with one touch.

3 Simple steps

Choose the ilo that better suits you or your business.

Activate ilo and create the profile you wish.

Share your data by touching on the mobile, without using an application.

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