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ilo box

The ilo box is an innovation we created to house the internal operation of restaurants / hotels and other businesses.

Customers who trusted us

How does it work?

With an elegant technology device (ilo box) on every table or every room, you can give countless options to your customers. All this via a multi-profile that you can easily manage and change its information and links.

ilo box three colors

Just touch your phone or scan the QR code

In this way, your customers can view on the screen of their mobile phone, fully organised, some of the following functions.
(without the use of an application)

See a sample of a professional profile here

Here are some of the many functions that ilo box offers you

Serve foreign guests as well

With the ilo box you have the opportunity to enter your information in any language and ilo translates your profile automatically with the translation touching 99% success in English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese, Dutch, Italian etc

my ilo management

How do you manage your profile?

You can easily login to my.ilo (admin environment) to define and change information at any time. Changes are made in real time!

Check out our YouTube channel for videos on managing your profile by clicking here

Why choose ilo box?

Covid Free

Share safely and contactless (COVID FREE) your data, thanks to the NFC technology present in ilo products.

It is ecological

You stop printing cards, leaflets, menus, etc. that usually end up in the trash or become obsolete after a while due to changes. You get the ilo box once and profit from it forever!

It is flexible

You can easily and quickly change the data and links that you want your customers to see whenever you wish through the management environment of my.ilo

The choice is yours!

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