No, it works with one tap. The technology is the same as Apple & Android Pay. Now 9/10 mobiles are compatible. For devices that do not support nfc, we have installed qr code.

Yes, through my.ilo.com.gr. By registering and activating the card, you create actions and define them according to what you want to show.

After completing the order and as soon as you receive the card, you will register in the administrative tool and you can set the items you want to be displayed.

No, the design of the card is specific. For the card with a logo on one side you place the logo, on the other the name and optionally the profession – property.

On the name card you can put the name and optionally the profession – property.

Yes, you can have as many cards as you want and show different data on each one.

Yes, with all whether they have NFC or not. For devices without NFC we have placed Qr codes someone can scan with a phone camera.

Yes, the card does not contain any items of your own. Your data is stored on a server that adheres to all security protocols.

For your own safety you can turn off the card so that it does not show anything in case someone scans it.

After completing the order and in case you have chosen the card with your logo, you will receive an email from our graphic designers. There you will find a form where you have to fill it in with the required fields.

You can use your card as you like. You can put any link and any information you want, whenever you want. Some of them are the following: Your mobile contact, Social Media, PayPal, An event etc.


No, you buy your card and then use the links as you wish without any subscription or extra cost.

By making your purchase you will receive your card within 10 working days in a special package.

Most likely you have not set the default action that the card will show. Go to my.ilo.com.gr> my cards> edit> set default action, so you can set the default action on the card.

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