Important notice for migration

Dear User,

After the migration to ilo v2 was completed, some data could not be transferred due to compatibility with the new application. The actions affected are immediate saving of the contact and automatic calling when scanning the card.

How to set automatic contact saving again

1) You go to

2) You use the same email and password you had at (In case you don’t remember it, you can reset your password)

3) You answer the short questions

4) Through the digital cards you create your profile

5) Then through the content you add the contact card

6) Once you have filled in the information you want, press the single action that you will find at the top and then select the contact card

7) Through the equipment you find your card and in selectedProfile you choose the profile you just created

In addition, through settings > video tutorial, you can see the video with the instructions to activate the single action

Data confirmation interval

ilo v1 will remain open for 10 days until July 21, 2024 . From Monday 22 July 2024 all products will show the new profile via ilo v2. After the mentioned date access to ilo v1 will not be possible. In case the product does not show information correctly, you should connect to the new ilo v2 and configure it accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding and we hope you enjoy our new management environment and discover the new possibilities it offers you.

Best regards,
ilo team