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Should business cards be double sided?

Επαγγελματικές κάρτες διπλής όψης. Γιατί να τις επιλέξετε;/Should business cards be double sided?

Many professionals wonder if they need double-sided or single-sided business cards. Business cards are the ones that will represent you in your business and should be modern and attractive. The use of both sides in the business card is absolutely necessary.

Ilo double sided business cards

Ilo double sided business cards, or cards with logo are not like the old school cards we have been using until now. In paper business cards, the logo of the company used to appear on the front and the basic information that the holder wanted to share on the back. So, if any of the printed information need it to be changed, we would have to print new cards all over again.

Ilo card as a game changer!

Ilo card offers a special and modern design. On the front we print the company logo as well as the symbol that is widely used for NFC and on the back is the QR Code – for older devices that do not have NFC – as well as the name and the specialty of the cardholder.

You will no longer need to print hundreds of cards. Save your energy and money with ilo smart business cards and share all your information seamlessly.

What should a double-sided business card contain?

With ilo and its modern representation, the following are just enough: Your logo, your unique QR Code, your name and your job title. Everything else will be shared with a single tap or scan and the recipient will get it on his mobile phone.

These are some of the information you can share with ilo card:

  • Your contact. Which can be saved with one click on the recipient’s mobile.
  • Your Social Media
  • Your Website
  • Your email
  • Lead form. You can receive the data of stakeholders directly in your email without having to note on paper.
  • Useful Links that you want to sample. For example, a presentation of the company, some products, an offer, etc.

In conclusion, we examined why business cards is better to be double- sided. By puchasing an ilo card with your logo you no longer have to worry about printing a dozen packs of classic paper ones. Get the ilo card with logo here!